70+ Comfy Scandinavian Living Room Design

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The Scandinavian living room combines functionality, simplicity, and beauty. The addition of functionality is so influential in Scandinavian architecture, especially with the climates of Northern Europe. Also, this design style reminds you of the winter. This design is so popular, even though the formulation of the modern Scandinavian style has been there during the 40s.

People started to recognize its presence in the 1950s. At that time, they understood that the coming of Scandinavian design influenced the mid-century modern style. As a result, the furniture arrangement for smaller spaces seemed uncluttered and simple. The living room space had a cozy and hygge feel.

No one can stop the popularity of Scandinavian living room design. It is getting more when there is Lunning Prize or the Nobel Prize for Scandinavian style. We called the prize for Frederik Lunning, the importer in New York for Danish designs. The award started for the first in 1951 and every year until 1970. After the establishment of the prize, the design became so popular and gained a champion.

So, when you talk about the Scandinavian living room, it is about light and neutral colors. There should be a pop of color with the addition of natural texture such as stones and woods. Also, there should be fewer carpets and window treatments. The design is so simple and there should be not too many layouts to keep everything minimal.

The Scandinavian living room is what you need to make your space looks clean and neat. Also, it is the best choice because the timeless design makes it perfect for any room. It is great for all ages such as teenagers and adults. Well, if you need more inspirations about this living room design, it is good to know that you can use our galleries here. So, we provide you the pictures of living room in this design. Hopefully, our galleries can help!

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