35+ Incredible French Country Living Room Ideas

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French country living room is one of the popular designs worldwide. It is because the design offers an elegant and casual design. Also, the design is a perfect choice for those who love adding a natural and rustic touch to their space. Fortunately, you can create a delightful living room space by refinishing some existing furniture. Also, you can use your creativity. So, you do not have to buy everything from the beginning. So, what do you do to make a French country living space?

First, it is good to know the rule. The rule of the feeling to make the French country living room is important. In this case, you should go in a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Therefore, you should go with the warm side of the color wheels. You need to go with colors that offer a medium to low intensity. For example, you can choose baby blues, creams, warm pinks, and also soft yellows. What about the furnishings in your living room? It should offer simple lines. You need to go with lots of furniture that has lots of paint. For example, you can buy vintage distressed furniture. Or, you can use rusted metal or wrought iron accents. So, it is wrong if you go with wood decor for the entire space.

Even more, it is important to concern on the window. You have to use heavy drapes and fabrics. Also, make sure that you add lacy panels so the sunshine can go through the window but you still have a little bit privacy. French country living room is also possible to complete with a garden bench in front of the window of the living room. The bench is made of wrought iron. After that, you can give a final touch by adding pillows for the window seat. This is a perfect way to make the entire space is welcoming.

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